After careful consideration and conversation, it’s time.

The 2amt hashtag is shifting to #2thtr.


This week’s events and hashtag fever have been catalysts, but we’ve been moving towards a second act for a while now. Some of those plans and ideas have been percolating for a while–stay tuned–and some spring up when you least expect them. This would be the latter.

What does this mean for the website?

The website and the Twitter handle etc will remain the same, it’s only the Twitter hashtag that’s changing. Or evolving. We’re bringing those late night 2 a.m. conversations out into the daylight, into the theatres, into the organizations, and hopefully putting them into practice. Some of us have gotten a headstart on that in the last year or two, but there’s more to be done.

Why 2thtr? Several reasons. It keeps a link to our identity as 2 a.m. theatre. And it gets the “amt” out of the tag to avoid any miscommunication or auto-complete issues with people not interested in theatre conversations.

Best of all, it reflects what we do and who we are. Where do we go to work, to play, to live? 2thtr. Where do our communities go to come together, to learn, to be entertained, to connect? 2thtr.

What’s ahead?

Going forward, we’re going to be bringing back our flagship podcast series, and possibly adding some new ones, including new play performance series. That’s first on the list. After all, we fell into becoming a think tank by chance–making the art and filling the rooms and building communities is what we do in real life, and have been doing more and more in the real world of late.

Think of the 2amt site and the 2thtr hashtag like Alan Ayckbourn’s plays “House” and “Garden.” We can go back and forth between the two, just like we go back and forth from the virtual to the real world.

See you there!

  • June 17, 2016