“We regret to inform you that of the 19 nominated plays, none was deemed sufficiently realized by the selection panel to receive the Prize. As a result, the Wasserstein Prize will not be presented in 2010. While the panel thought that many of the scripts showed promise, they felt that none of the plays were truly outstanding in their current incarnation.”

For a more complete story on the 2010 Wasserstein Prize or lack thereof, check out Kris Vire’s post at Time Out Chicago and playwright Michael Lew’s open letter to the Theatre Development Fund, which has taken over administration of the prize this year.

We find it hard to believe that 19 solicited playwrights failed to create anything worthy of the prize, but our taste shouldn’t be the counterpoint. We thereby propose presenting those plays to a wider audience.

We invite those 19 playwrights to allow readings of their work, convened nationwide and streamed live via the internet. And we invite 19 theatre companies to join us in presenting these readings, one per company, over the next several months.

If your theatre company is interested in presenting a reading, please fill out the form below.

If you are one of the 19 playwrights, please email Travis Bedard here.

We will create a special mailing list to get in touch and coordinate the project. Your information will not be shared outside of the project.

Thank you.

  • November 14, 2010
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