2amt How To

The 2amt community exists in two worlds online. There’s the #2amt hashtag on Twitter and then there’s the website.

Join the conversation

If you’re already on Twitter, just search the #2amt hashtag to jump in on the current conversation. You may recognize a lot of names from our blogroll or our theatre listings. Feel free to follow any of us, start a dialogue, ask a question, even throw a question out to the entire group. We’re here to chat, to spar, to share ideas and sharpen the good ones.

Don’t forget to use the #2amt tag in your tweets if you want to be part of the larger conversation.

You’ll also find some of us using the #newplay hashtag, which often connects directly to conversations in and around the Arena Stage New Play Development Project and some of their programs, conferences and events. Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, even if we can’t attend in person, we can still follow along and interact with these conferences. This is a very good thing.

Using the website and the #2amt hashtag

The only rule here is, play nice. We’re not here to promote shows or scripts, and we’re not here to shout each other down. There are plenty of sites for both of those.

Please do let everyone know who you are and where you’re from, where your theatrical home is, all of that. Tell us about what you’ve done to change the theatre and bring people into your building. And tell us where we can find out about your shows and projects. Obviously, there’s a reason why you’re here, why you’re interested, and we’d like to know about you.

But do please use your real names. The 2amt community is as much about making connections and networking with new people as it is sharing ideas. Anonymous comments are about staying anonymous.

As for promotion, remember, most of the people reading the #2amt stream are probably not in your city. There are some exceptions. If you’re presenting an event that will be streamed online, that’s different. If you’re hosting a 2amt meetup–which you can do any time, anywhere–that’s fine, too. And once in a while, we’ll mention conferences or events that will be featuring 2amt, but those will always have an online and interactive component.

But remember, the site and the hashtag are about conversation, not promotion. And it’s not about the same tweets retweeted over and over. If you RT something, please add a comment, ask a question, let us know why you felt the need to RT. If it hadn’t been for the conversation and interaction, 2amt wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Other sites we like…

This is a section that’ll keep growing.

If you’re looking for a good place for actively promoting your shows, why not check out Fly-Post, the 1st online community dedicated to the art and utility of the promotional flyer. Post your flyers there, spread the word, or just browse their growing collection for inspiration and ideas.

Have you got any sites you use for new marketing ideas? Comment and let us know about them.

We’ll keep the site growing and evolving, and hopefully, we’ll be able to set up 2am tweet-ups in and around theatre festivals, conferences, convenings and the like. If you’d like to organize a tweet-up in your area or at your theatre festival et al, let us know and we’ll get the word out.