Workshop: The Gift Sessions


You may know Adam Thurman from his TEDx talks at TEDxMichiganAvenue and TEDxBroadway. I hope you know him from his website, Mission Paradox. And I hope you’ll get to know him at the first workshop series presented by 2amt. Here’s Adam with more on The Gift Sessions. — DJL

If I had to sum up all of my marketing “wisdom” in one sentence it would be this:

You don’t have to do that.

What does that mean? Allow me a few more sentences.

You don’t have to be on every social media platform to promote your work.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to advertise your work, but your marketing budget also don’t have to be zero.

You don’t need to do what everyone else does.

You can create marketing that is authentic, which is defined as being “genuine or real”. When you do that, people will see your marketing as not just a way of trading X amount of money for Y amount of art. They will see it as a gift. They will see that it was given to them with thought and consideration. Some, maybe many, of them will return that generosity with a purchase. But even those that don’t will be positively impacted by the marketing you create.

That’s the idea behind The Gift Sessions, a live arts marketing workshop presented by me and sponsored by the good peeps at 2amt.


This is intended for those who work within or run arts organizations, i.e. Marketing Directors, Board Members, Executive Directors, dedicated volunteers, etc. That session will be on Saturday, April 20. Our special guests at this session will be Nick Keenan (Marshall Creative, New Leaf Theatre and 2amt), Eric Ziegenhagen from 2amt, as well as several other places, and David J. Loehr (Editor & Artistic Director, 2amt).

The Gift will take place at the Hyde Park Arts Center, located in Chicago. But this isn’t just for Chicago people. If you live in the surrounding states, consider driving in. If you live far away, considering flying in and making a weekend of it. It’s going to be worth your time, energy and money for two reasons.

First, you are going to be in a room with people who are just as passionate about connecting their art to an audience as you are. Does it sound too “spiritual” of me to say that when you are surrounded by that energy breakthroughs can happen? Well I don’t care. I’m saying. I’ve seen it happen.

Second, you are going to have a chance to get your toughest marketing challenges addressed. This isn’t the sort of party where I talk and you take notes. We will have more then enough time to deal with your specific problem. You’ll also have a chance to help your fellow participants with their issues.

Right now the price of the workshop is $90. I say “right now” because the price is going up on March 4. If you use the promo code 2amt, you’ll save an additional $5 on either event.

To buy your seat or get details, click here.

And if you’re wondering just who the hell I am, my bio is below. See you at The Gift Sessions.

  • February 12, 2013