Fresh, locally grown plays (Reinvent marketing idea)


Thesis: Members of the public who care about local produce might be good prospects to attend local theatre.

At first I thought I should file this idea away until the northern hemisphere spring; but it will probably take a little organizing to pull off, so why not talk about it now?

A company or a group of companies could set up a table at a farmers market promoting local theatre. The specific spin would be that like fresh, locally grown arugula and eggplant there is a special value in seeing art in your own community made by members of that community. Of course, you’ve got the strongest pitch if you produce works of local playwrights using local actors, but anybody can give this a whirl.

A table full of flyers and post cards staffed by an enthusiastic volunteer would get you part of the way. However, one of the fun things about farmers markets is getting to try the samples. To really execute this idea, it would be best to pull some excerpts from currently available work and perform 45-90 second snippets live and free for passers by. If you don’t have the rights to do this kind of informal performance, commission micro-plays from local playwrights that in some way amplify the work you are trying to draw attention to. Perform those instead. Some kind of free sample is crucial.

That’s it, a really simple one. And you’ve got months to get your execution ready for the spring.

Anybody already doing anything like this?

  • December 13, 2012
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