More Thanks


More thanks from some of the folks here at 2amt and on the 2amt hashtag on Twitter. Please feel free to join us in the comments section…

James Carter, playwright & transmedia artist, New York, NY

old sayings

new adages

remixed ideas

pure love

authentic actions

heartfelt generosity

thoughtful words

sincere listening

fearless creativity

tenacious artists

good work

steadfast friends

supportive family

open hearts

enlightened discovery

releasing yesterday

worriless tomorrow

embracing today

Lee Liebeskind, The Inkwell, Washington, D.C.

Gregg Henry, thank you for being the tireless supporter of new play development and pushing both institutions and individual artists to work harder and do more then they can. You inspire me.

Jessi Burgess, Lindsay Haynes, Anne McCaw thank you for being the three greatest partners that I could ever ask for and for constantly pushing the boundaries of new play creation both here in DC and all over the country.

David Dower and Polly Carl thank you for advancing the discussion of new plays and for making me feel like I have a voice in the discussion.

The #2amt crew thank you for allowing my voice to be part of the discussion, for debating with me, for questioning me and for making my arguments stronger

#dctheatre thank you for being my home, my creative space, and my hope for the future. The community here is strong and fierce and I am proud to say that I am a member of it and look forward to strengthening it as we continue to grow

Inkwell Artists thank you for allowing me to work with you on growth and development in the creation of new plays and trying to make DC the wellspring of New Play creation in the country.

Megan Reichelt thank you for being the best partner in life that I could ever ask for. Supportive, caring, kind and wonderful. A brilliant artists and someone who helps me form my arguments every day.

Travis Bedard, Cambiare Productions, Austin, Texas

For this year of theatre-plenty I would like to thank:

Megan Reilly: for shaping my visual aesthetic, for teaching me I wanted a visual aesthetic, for never letting me give up even when I really really want to.

Will Hollis Snider: for thinking in 7 looping dimensions -then making everyone else see them. And for making everyone else fall in love with them.

Amanda Gass: for having the energy to teach all day and still show up to rehearsals energized and focused (with single serve cake!).

The Cast of Messenger No. 4 for showing up every night with a new idea (or 7) and investing yourselves so deeply.

The Cast of Tis Pity She’s a Whore for reminding me how much fun performing a show without fear can be.

Christina Gutierrez for trusting me to make ludicrous choices… but then making me ground them.

Beth Burns for dreaming the biggest dreams and for explaining what those are while hip deep in making them a reality.

The Cast of Rose Rage for daring each other every day to make a stronger choice, to commit more fully to the text, to the moment, to each other and making ‘just a room’ into a fully realized world.

The Cast of Dr. Faustus for never stopping the search for new angles, new answers, new ways to play a scene.

Rachel Wiese and the Exchange Artists for making exactly what they want – wherever and whenever that might be. And for daring to have fun while they create beauty.

Connor Hopkins and Trouble Puppet for making the inanimate more human than can be believed. And for making me believe that puppets are making faces at me.

Ken Webster and Mark Pickell for making me laugh at truly terrible people.

Ron Berry and the Fusebox Festival team for finding the oddest, funniest, beautiful-est things in the world and bringing them to Austin to share with us.

The audiences of Austin for being up for it. For anything. For puppet Macbeth or 4 hour epics. For verse in backyard art installations and 4 handers in warehouses and promenade shows in French – in electrical substations.

The theatremakers of Austin for being up for it. For anything.

You. For making things after work. For making things during work, Before work. For work. For making. For fighting to define life as something more than the pursuit of wealth. For trying to draw connections between us or between us and our world… or just drawing lines on us.

Thank you.

  • November 22, 2012