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There’s an aggressive sort of experimental theatre that longs to prove not just how smart it is, but how much smarter it is than you. Or how much more grad school it went to.

Rubber Repertory is not that theatre.

Rubber Rep, made up of Matt Hislope and Josh Meyer, isn’t about telling you how it is, it’s all about sitting in the room with you and asking, “what if we…”? And you let them. The tiny riots mentioned above are the intimate moments of theatre that they long to create with you out of something as simple as a shell soaked in saltwater.

Their current project is Biography of Physical Sensations in a return engagement for Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas. Biography of Physical Sensations is a life told through the decontextualized sensations that are its building blocks and its residue; performed on the audience every night.

For more about Biography of Physical Sensations in its initial run, check out Katherine Catmull in the Austin Chronicle. If you’re curious about the reviews, then read Avimann Syam of the Austin Chronicle, Cate Blouke of the Austin American Statesman and Georgia Young & Bastion Carboni from


BONUS Video of Rubber Reps last new production, Casket of Passing Fancy


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  • April 22, 2011