Last month’s meetup down at the Public Theater had a great turn out and I personally really enjoyed getting to meet theater folks from across the city. A number of people I talked to mentioned Peter and Wendy, a production opening here at the New Victory in New York City on May 6th.

Some comments focused on excitement to get to see the show for themselves, others were intrigued about the idea of a Mabou Mines production within a season of programming for families—but all of them left me inspired to organize another meetup to continue the conversation about storytelling styles and trusting audiences.

With some help from David J. Loehr and 2amt, we’ve got a plan…but we need some input to iron out the details.

What’s the plan? Think $20 best-available tickets, followed by a rendezvous post-show for some pizza, drinks, and debate. (And people who can’t make the former part of the evening can still stop by the latter.) The question is simply: what date works best? Take the poll below to let us know your preference—we’ll set up the event for whichever wins the popularity contest!

Hope to see you there!


  • April 21, 2011
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