2amt Podcast: One More Minute


You get lured in with a promise of queso and get stuck with a podcast…

New York One Minute Play Festival Artistic Director Dominic D’Andrea thought he was taking a quiet trip to Austin and got caught got caught in my web. DOMINIC BLACK AND WHITE

I sat down with the Johnny Appleseed of the 60-second epic and talked about the New York One Minute Play Festival, why it’s ten times better than a ten minute play, and what it would take to get in the game.

The New York One Minute Play Festival is headed into its fifth year in original location and has begun snaking its tendrils out to the rest of the country. Committed to playwrights and their communities, the Festival has thus far served up well-over 400 plays by 186 playwrights, and those dials are going to start humming as three more iterations fire off in the next couple of months.

All that work and he got NO queso

  • March 14, 2011
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