The language instructor (Judith Delgado) considers the beauty of Esperanto in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's The Language Archive. Photo: David Cooper.

On the Sunday morning of opening weekend (yesterday as I post this), Oregon Shakespeare Festival Executive Director Paul Nicholson and Artistic Director Bill Rauch sat down for a press conference with the critics and reporters who were in town for the 2011 opening weekend. I hear the event used to feature pastries! Now they give free coffee, which frankly is better than free pastries. Press folks from Oregon, Washington (mostly Seattle) and California were there, plus a few others I didn’t know.


Beline (Terri McMahon) rejoices at Toinette's (K.T. Vogt) news of Argan's (David Kelly) death in OSF's Imaginary Invalid. Photo: Jenny Graham.

Apparently, if you click this link, the event should run & you can read more about how the OSF casts (and when — pretty much all damn year, according to Rauch); what the Festival does for people who want “gowns that touch the floor” and with people who “like their Shakespeare a little edgier”; how Republican Greg Walden became one of the 23 House GOP members not to vote for defunding the NEA … and much more.

  • February 28, 2011