Watch This: The Moment


A short film for the holidays, written by Adam Szymkowicz


The Moment

Featuring Susan Louise O’Connor & Jeff Biehl

Written by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Scott Ebersold

“When Jane goes in to talk to her boss, in an instant of clarity, she notices something different in him that she never saw before. He sees it too in her. A new world opens up for them. Anything could be possible if they could just hold onto that moment.”

Produced by Lauren Fritz, Scott Ebersold, Marc Solomon
Director of Photography Greg Emetaz
Edited by Andrew McNown
Sound and Music Design by Ryan Maeker
Art Direction by Nicholas Vaughan and Kate Rusek
Costume, Hair and Make-up Design by Kate Rusek
Script Supervisor Barry Paul Hitchcock
Craft Services and Production Assistance Jennie Crotero

  • December 24, 2010
  • 2