This week is all about the Devised Work convening hosted by the Arena Stage doing their level best to truly be a center for new American play development.

They scooped up a raftload of folks not frightened off by DC’s recent uncharacteristic winter weather event and we will be discussing the ins and outs of the Devised Work in this theatremaking environment beginning on Friday..

The intrepid Mr. Dower has outlined the discussions that have already taken place around devised work, his goals for this weekend, and some questions for the creators of devised work to jump start the thinking for this weekend.

Let’s zoom out from that specific set of questions to some general questions for a group of folks who may not be devised work creators themselves.

Starter Questions:

What does the term “Devised Work” mean to you?

Have you ever seen a devised work show?

Have you ever taken part in a devised work process?

What do you like most about devised work? (Process or performance)?

What do you find most challenging about it?

What production problems can a devised work process alleviate?

What production problems can a devised work process create?

In what ways is a devised work process better than  a single voice process?

In what ways is it more difficult than a single voice process?

What are your general thoughts about devised work?

What questions do you have for the convenors even this far out?

These #newplay convenings are capital I Important because you take part; Because of the broader discussion that takes place around the room not just what happens in the room. So let’s ramp up early and really knock the doors off of this. This is a topic that begins in collaboration so let’s not sit back and just watch.

  • February 15, 2010