Thoughts On a Similar Theme


How do you introduce theater to people in impoverished areas?

People in many areas of Chicago might not have had an exposure to theater due to several factors: money, transportation, time.

How do you introduce theater to people who live in areas like or live in Cabrini-Green and Altgeld Gardens in Chicago? Do you make it free and easily accessible, performing in a park in the community?

And what plays would be done?

Would the city have to take the initiative, or would a theater company do so?

Having theater in a community that is easily available to the residents is like a library: it enriches knowledge and imagination.

Perhaps this sounds very naïve, but these were all thoughts that occurred to me while I was trying to think of the practical applications of public policy and urban theory to the theater. These thoughts can also be applied to any city.

  • February 4, 2010
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