It’s too late. Unless it’s early.


2am. You’re wondering why this is called 2am.  What does that have to do with theatre?

2am is when the ideas start to flow.

The other week, over on Twitter, a group of theatre folk started talking, brainstorming, tossing out ideas and testing to see how they’d float.  Or if they’d float at all.  And even though it was late, the conversation kept going.  By the time I went to bed, it had been about three and a half hours beyond the point when I said, good night, I’m going to bed.  It was one of those conversations.

Free of ego, free of distraction, we were all able to talk freely about our ideas and each others’.  It was refreshing.

If you’re curious to see what it was all about, click over here to Nick Keenan’s blog post, where he’s collected as many threads of the initial 2am conversations as he could find and put them together in some semblance of order. (Hopefully, we’ll archive that over here as well…)

We’ve continued the dialogue since then, using the hashtag #2am, although as you can see from a simple search or a glance at our sidebar, a lot of other folks are using the same tag as well. So from here forward, I propose we use #2amt when tweeting, adding the t for theatre. That’s only four characters out of your 140, which saves a lot of space. Why? Because nobody else is using that tag, and no one else would need or want to.

Now we have this website, where we can continue the conversation as needed. We’ll post links to interesting theatre blog posts, we’ll hopefully have interesting posts here as well, and we’ll keep track of the 2am comments to come…

We’ll also be leaving this post as the first one for a little while, so everyone can see what this site’s about.

Are we going to change the world and save theatre? I don’t know. It all depends on your perspective. Are we too late? Or are we just waking up?

  • January 31, 2010